If you wonder about the site name it's a wordplay on my name that I've used since middle school, mainly in the gaming world but also around close friends.

I'm a creative person that can't go that long with out creating something no matter what it is. I'm in need to use my creativity and often find a way to get it out, weither it's a web design, a painting or something totally different.

At the moment I'm studying .NET development, which I will be done with in June 2018 if everything goes according to plan, and why wouldn't it!? Along studying I'm also working at the Service Desk of Mogul AB (Stcokholm, Sweden).


I've been doing some front end development working with HTML, CSS, JS and jQuery since middle school when there was possible to change your presentation on different game and social sites by code. After that I started to play around with web sites in Adobe Dreamweaver moving on to creating child themes in wordpress and eventually my own domain with pure "hard" code (from scratch in a text editor).

At this point I hadn't really figured that I wanted to work in development and went for the "media, information and communication" program in upper secondary school. Then one of the future visions of mine was to become a journalist and photographer but after three years of writing I realised I really didn't like it even if the teachers praised my work.

I did keep up with my coding by maintaing this very site as well as planning and buildning other designs during these years.

After bunch of years I felt like I wanted a proof of my knowledge in Web Development on paper and decided to take a course in Web Develompent, and when I was on it why not one in C# programming as well! Said and done, the Web Development course went by ease since there was all old information but the Programming was a bit more challenging and made me open my eyes for C#.

Even before I had finnished my C# course I had applied to every IT-course avaible at Nackademin, a Swedish Higher Vocational Education school. Lucky as I was I got accepted to every single one of them! But my final choice landed on one focused on programming in .NET.

You could find me here

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